Young people in Asia take actions to conserve wetlands and migratory waterbirds

 Youth Think Tank Competition for EAA Flyway Top 5 finalists announced

On 23rd December, 2021, we announced the results of the first-ever “Youth Think Tank Competition for EAA Flyway” Phase I, with five finalist teams of youth (age 28-29) from China, the Philippines and Indonesia, who challenge themselves to take action in the conservation of wetlands and migratory waterbirds in East Asian-Australasian Flyway. They were selected from 32 entries. Next, the five teams will be awarded a small amount of 3,000 USD per team to implement their proposed project in 2022, with coaching from experienced mentors. The teams will compete for the overall champion in 2022.

The Competition was launched with the vision to continue the momentum from the 2020 Flyway Youth Forum to motivate young people in the EAA Flyway to contribute to conservation for migratory waterbirds and their habitats. The judging panel included Ms. Mika Tan, Coordinator of the ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Programme (AYBP) of ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity; Mr. Beom-Sik Yoo, Senior Advisor for Asia and Oceania of The Ramsar Secretariat; Dr. Spike Millington, Vice President of International Crane Foundation; Mr. Chris Rostron, International Engagement Manager of Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust; Ms. Anastasia Cronin, Director of Youth Leadership of the National Geographic and Mr. Casey Burns, Chair of the EAAFP CEPA Working Group.

The followings are the 5 finalist projects in Phase I of the Competition with their project topic:

  • “Dining wetland for humans and birds – an adaptive solution for bird conservation in paddy fields” led by Shuyu Hou, Luyao Chen, Yuhan Li, Xinchen Bu, and Yin Zhang from China. The team attempts to solve the human-bird conflicts in farmland
  • “Dongting Lake, national nature reserve and an internationally important wetland.” led by Xianglong Tang and Yang Shuangxi from China, will focus on exploring new ways of environmental education in rural primary schools in Dongting Lake.
  • “Project LUPAD” lead by Kyle Aboy, Melanie P. Genita, Loyd Joredell H. Curit, Roana Mae C. Caguliodo, and Dafhney G. Abueva from the Philippines has a goal to narrow the knowledge gap of migratory birds in Tinagacan Lake and Buayan through engaging youth participants in the areas.
  • “Rediscover Kei Island Waterbirds” would be carried out by Gloria Pratidhwani Manggalagita, Dhia Shofi Salsabila, and Ida Nur Rahmawati from Indonesia will explore and survey the understudied Kei Kecil Island and Mangur Island.
  • “Seabirds of Tubbataha: the plight of the Black Noddy” led by Gerlie Gedoria and Karl Joriel Amurao from the Philippines will focus on awareness-raising on seabirds in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, with the highlight of Black Noddy which breeds at the site.

In January 2022, the five finalist teams will meet their mentors and revise the project proposals. We were honored to invite Dr. Ding Li Yong, Flyway Coordinator of BirdLife International (Asia Division), Mr. Terry Townshend, Advisor of Paulson Institute, Mr. Sayam U. Chowdhury, Assistant Coordinator of EAAFP Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force, Dr. Micha Jackson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow of The University of Queensland and Vivian Fu, Communication Officer of EAAFP Secretariat as mentors. They would then implement the projects until October, 2022. During this period, two more open training workshops will be provided. The overall champion will be selected through judging panel review and open voting in October/November 2022.

About “Youth Think Tank Competition for EAA Flyway”

Following 2020 Flyway Youth Forum with the goal “Youth along the EAA Flyway are actively participating in the conservation of wetlands and migratory waterbirds at different levels”. Thus, the YouthThink Tank Competition for the EAA Flyway was launched in September 2021, aiming to motivate innovative ideas for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats and support youth to take actions; to build capacity By equipping youth with knowledge and skills to engage in conservation on migratory waterbirds and wetlands and also a network among young people who are keen on nature conservation.

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