World Migratory Bird Day 2021 Oct Event – Bangladesh (Sylhet Agricultural University)

©️ Sylhet Agricultural University and IVSA-SAU

Event Title:

Awareness Raising Campaign and Workshop About the Protection and Conservation of The Migratory Birds in the Haor Basin Area in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh.

Event Date:

30th October 2021

Event location:

Baluchor Govt. Primary School, Sylhet, Bangladesh


Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh


Approximate 200 participants.

In online, almost 2500 people seen our activity through different social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Together with International Veterinary Student’s Association (IVSA)-Sylhet Agricultural University and Sylhet Veterinary Services, we celebrated World Migratory Bird Day 2021 on 30th October 2021 at Baluchor Government Primary School, Sylhet. We arranged this program in an area where every year many migratory birds come during the winter. Therefore, it’s essential to increase awareness among the local people and children about the importance of the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats, which is the main goal of our event.

Every year locals hunt the birds and sell them, that’s why raising awareness is essential to modify their behavior. Our volunteers were the students of Sylhet Agricultural University, who are very interested in the behavior, ecology, role of migratory birds. Therefore, this program include, the lecture for university student regarding the route, habitat, various species of migratory birds in Bangladesh. And also, we arranged a drawing competition with the primary students with the theme of “Migratory Birds”. This was evaluated by the teachers and the best three drawings was recognized with a special prize. We also provided a plaque of appreciation to the school authority for their kind support.

©️ Sylhet Agricultural University and IVSA-SAU©️ Sylhet Agricultural University and IVSA-SAU

We also presented a token of appreciation to the school authority. Before the end of the program, we have provided snacks to every participant. Also, we have distributed T-shirts with EAAFP and WMBD logos to our students. During this event, we distributed materials such as leaflets, posters, etc. to the students, and to the locals to reach out to more people to raise awareness. The local students were highly motivated not to harm any birds at any moment and help to spread the message to their family and friends about this. We have successfully fulfilled the goal of our event. At the end of the programme, the school authority, speakers and all the volunteers thanks the organizers such as EAAFP for their kind support.

©️ Sylhet Agricultural University and IVSA-SAU

Presentation of Plaque to teachers ©️ Sylhet Agricultural University and IVSA-SAU


  1. Raising awareness among the local people, school children, university and college students, teachers, researchers, media regarding the of migratory birds in Bangladesh with their conservation status.
  2. Sharing information regarding the habitat and threats of migratory birds.
  3. Obtaining the perspective of local people and children of haor area regarding migratory birds.
  4. Positive impact among the local people and students regarding the importance of protection of migratory birds and their habitats.
  5. Informing and promoting our main goal through online and offline promotion and leaflet distribution.
  6. Dissemination of information regarding the laws and regulations of protection of migratory birds to the local people and encourage the law enforcement agency to take necessary actions to protect migratory birds.

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