World Migratory Bird Day Event 2019 – Indonesia

Bird Watching Activities for World Migratory Bird Day 2019 activity in Indonesia © Himpunan Mahasiswa Pecinta Unggas

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World Migratory Bird Day Event 2019 in Indonesia

Himpunan Mahasiswa Pecinta Unggas


150 participants University students, School students, teachers or parents, Researchers, scientist, birdwatchers and media


From the activities that we have planned, we hope that in the future the participants who attended the series of activities can become a voluntary movement to protect migratory birds and their habitats so that they can be protected from ecosystem problems and conservation, Carry out the movement to reject waste in Indonesia.


The Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 2019 Indonesia was organized by the Faculty HIMPUS Unsyiah with a series of activities: National Photography Competition which was participated by 53 local people from all over Indonesia. After all photos are received on May 1-5 2019, all photos are judged and selected. The judges are: Drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc, Chaideer Mahyuddin and Organizing Committee.

On May 7, 2019 the results of the Photography Competition was anniunced and the winner went to Rendra Des Kurnia from Banyuwangi, Indonesia. He photographed Lesser Crested Tern (Sterna bengalensis), which was bound to a plastic surface in the ocean. From this work, he received an award of 70.09 USD in cash and a certificate.

The next day about World Migratory Bird Day 2019 execution of seminars and birdwatching on May 11, 2019 at the Hall of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Syiah Kuala. The speaker of this seminar was Drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc and Rubama. These two people are experienced birdwatchers and ecological observers from Aceh.

In this seminar, Rubama promoted the campaign for the movement to reduce garbage and maintain migratory birds in Indonesia. The seminar participants were very enthusiastic in responding to this appeal. Rubama expressed the urgency of tackling this serious plastic pollution as a global issue.

Drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc provides an overview of the impact of waste pollution on migratory birds and other wildlife. It is very ironic that the image is shown from the material presented. The material conveyed was very good so that the mindset of the participants was opened to safeguarding the species of bird migratory water from plastic pollution.

The seminar was attended by birdwatchers, students and the general public with 150 participants.

After the seminar was completed, the committee and some participants did birdwatching on Ulee Beach in Banda Aceh. Birdwatching activity was carried out for participants to see the habitat for migratory birds and the existing problems habitat directly.

During the birdwatching activities, participants saw small colonies of species of sandpiper which is resting on the beach. It is ironic to see the birds resting with plastic trash. This scene provided proof that plastic is now a problem for waterbirds and their habitat. But there is something even more impactful, that birdwatching participants saw a net installed in the middle of the beach that was targeting to catch birds.

Hopefully this diligent Seminar and Birdwatching activity can open participants’ mind and make them aware of the importance of protecting the ecosystem and not using excessive plastic. The speaker, Drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc, strongly emphasized that “If we do not do anything to help, in the next 10 years, we will no longer see the migratory birds.”

For more photographs, visit our Flickr album.

Winner of the Photography Competition by Rendra Des Kurniawan

© Himpunan Mahasiswa Pecinta Unggas

© Himpunan Mahasiswa Pecinta Unggas


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