World Migratory Bird Day 2017 – Mongolia

WMBD2017 - Mongolia

Name of Event:
World Migratory Bird Day 2017- Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian Ornithological Society

Number of Participants:
More than 300

With the slogan, “A healthy planet for Migratory Birds and People” and “Their Future is our future” this year WMBD was celebrated by Mongolian Ornithological Society and Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia with financial support from EAAFP, Clean Energy LLC and Mongolia Co.Ltd on 06, 14 May, 2017.

The event consisted of several activities including bird identification training, birding activities, lectures, and an art contest.

We gave introductory presentations on migratory birds at each school (once for each group at each school, twice total at each school) before announcing the competition criteria.

An Art Contest-Migratory birds 2017 (Part-1:Ulaanbaatar), E. Munkh-Amar, student at 45th school, won first place, 31st school student N. Munkh-Angarag took second place, 31st school student A. Chinguun took third place, 31st school  student N. Oyundari took a special place separately.

An Art Contest-Migratory birds 2017 (Part-2: Umnugobi), O. Chamin-Erdene, student at 7th school (T. Bor), won first place, 6th school (Dream) student S. Michidmaa took second place, 6th school (Dream) student A. Chinguun takes third place, 7th school (T. Bor) students N. Tsogbayar took a special place separately.

The artwork competition among high school students was organized with the collaboration and in accordance with permission granted by the school principal and teachers. The artwork competition instilled nature appreciation in children and allowed students to get a better understanding of not only birds, but the environment and the living organisms inhabiting and benefitting from nature.

A birdwatching trip was organized to Nogoon Lake on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar and near Lake of Umnugobi with a group of more than 300 participants from secondary schools, universities, local NGOs, tour companies and the government.

Lectures and seminars about migratory birds and their conservation activities were given to the participants in the Freshwater Resources and Nature Conservation Center. After lunch, participants enjoyed an exhibition of artworks from the Migratory Birds Art Contest.

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