World Migratory Bird Day 2015 in Mongolia


WMBD Mongolia-2015

Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) has been celebrated in Mongolia since 2011. Mongolian Ornithological Society (MOS) and other partners celebrated the event in Mongolia in 2011 as the first nation-wide activity. With the slogan ‘Save migratory birds and the places they need’, this year WMBD was celebrated by the Mongolian Ornithological Society and Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia with financial support from EAAFP and Mongolica Co. Ltd on 9-10 May, 2015. The event included several contents such as bird identification training, birding activities and lectures.



An art contest – Migratory birds – was announced for 6th grader children from the 4th School and the 50th School in Ulaanbaatar. M. Ariunjargal won first place, A. Enkhjin second place, and Ts. Enkhsolongo third place.



A birdwatching trip was organized to Nogoon nuur in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar with a group of about 80 participants from secondary schools, universities, local NGOs, tour companies and the government. A contest, “Who will identify most species in the lake” was announced, in which O. Enkhbat, birdwatching guide won. He identified 30 species out of all 58 species found by experienced birders from MOS. The most interesting birds in the lake were Pallas’s Bunting (30 individuals), Demoiselle Crane (6), Swan Goose (4), Mongolian and Horned Larks (10), Water Pipit (9), and Northern Harrier (3). Most common birds were Common Goldeneye (30), Tufted Duck (42), Mallard (14), Eurasian Wigeon (11), and Garganey (4).



Lectures and seminars about migratory birds and their conservation activities were given to the participants in the Freshwater Resources and Nature Conservation Center. After lunch, participants enjoyed exhibition of artwork from the Migratory Birds Art Contest.



We would like to express our thanks to EAAFP and other individuals of MOS and Mongolica Co. Ltd for their financial support.

We thanked to all young school children for their artwork.

Our appreciation goes to Mr. D. Batbold and Dr. S. Bayarkhuu from MEGDT for their encouragements and participation.

All we would like to acknowledge organizing team of MOS including B. Yumjirmaa, G. Khuderchuluun, Ts. Batzaya, and M. Bayasgalantselmeg for their hard work and to Dr. U. Bayarsaikhan, Kh.Terbish, Dr. S. Gombobaatar from National University of Mongolia and E.Unurjargal from Mongolica Publishing, D. Bayanmunkh from MOS, and B. Odkhuu from Chingis Khaan International Airport for their works as referee of the art contest.

Our great thanks go to all art contestants and Yo. Jigmed and E. Otgonchimeg who are teachers of 4th and 50th secondary schools of Ulaanbaatar for their help and cooperation on artworks.

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