Development Workshop in Ro Korea on the proposed Wetland Education Ramsar Resolution

©️Sewon Lim/ EAAFP

On 19th November, 2021, the “Wetland Education Resolution Development for Ramsar COP14 Workshop” was held in Gyeonsangnamdo Changwon, Ro Korea. It was hosted by Gyeongsangnamdo Ramsar Environmental Foundation and Upo Ecological Institute Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education. The aim was to discuss the plans to promote the proposed “Draft Resolution of Wetland Education in the formal education sector”. Over 50 expertise from government agencies, NGOs and local teachers.

One of the objectives of this workshop was to discuss the promotion of the Wetland Education Resolution at Ramsar Convention, in particular during the COP14. Participants in the morning session also discussed ways to invigorate the implementation of the wetland education resolution in Ro Korea.

In the first session, Gyeongnam Office of Education and the Jeonnam Office of Education announced plans to invigorate wetland education. And Sinhye Jo from National Environmental Education Centre introduced their work and the new website. After that, Ramsar Regional Centre-East Asia (RRCEA) briefed about the plan of a side event at Ramsar COP14 to promote the resolution and lead the discussion.

In the second session, Prof. Han Moo-young from Seoul National University gave a special lecture on the theme of Rainwater, Wetland, Wetland and Climate. Then Mr. Suh Seung Oh, Executive Director of RRCEA introduced the work and shared insight for promoting wetland education in the region.

Lastly, Ms. Vivian Fu, Communication Officer of the EAAFP Secretariat gave a presentation covering the definition of environmental education with a summary of situation in a few countries. After the briefing of the “Draft Resolution of Wetland Education in the formal education sector”, the meeting was concluded.

Ms. Vivian Fu, Communication Officer of EAAFP presenting ©️Sewon Lim/ EAAFP


Read the SC59 DOC.24.6 Draft Resolution of Wetland Education in the formal education sector”.

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