Workshop on Migratory Bird Monitoring in the Geum Estuary

The Migratory Bird Monitoring Workshop was held at Seocheon Migratory Bird Center, Seocheon, South Korea on 1-4 September, organized by BirdLife International, hosted by the Seocheon County and supported by EAAFP. The workshop was to bring together those with an interest, past data and/or experience in migratory bird monitoring in the Geum Estuary with the intention of identifying an agreed, consistent and standard monitoring methodology. Participants were from Seocheon County, Korea Shorebirds Network, Chungnam Develepment Institute, National Institute of Ecology, National Institute of Biological Resources, and Korea Waterbird Network. This methodology would then be used to undertake regular monitoring of waterbirds in Seocheon County, with an emphasis on it being used in a new conservation project being run by BirdLife International in Seocheon County.

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