WMBD 2015 celebration at Chadwick International School in Songdo, Incheon, Republic of Korea

CEJ_1189 edited for uploading

To celebrate World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD) 2015, Tomoko Ichikawa, Communication Officer of EAAFP Secretariat, gave a lecture “Do You Know About Migratory Birds?” at Chadwick International School in Songdo, Republic of Korea on 6th of May. This lecture fit in the section ‘We have responsibilities to protect living things and share the environment’ of the ‘Sharing the Planet’ teaching unit.

With talks, videos, and activities, 80 students of Grade 2 (8-9 years old) learned about migratory waterbirds, their migration and the importance of habitats. They also got to know the importance of tidal flats in Incheon for threatened species. After the lecture students discussed how they could help migratory waterbirds.

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