Wetlands Australia: National Wetlands Update February 2016

Wetlands Australia: National Wetlands Update February 2016 (Issue No. 28) was issued by the Department of the Environment, Australian Government.

The global theme for World Wetlands Day 2016 is ‘Wetlands for our future: sustainable livelihoods.’ In Australia, our wetlands play an important role in the processes that keep our landscapes healthy and productive. They support industries such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism by supplying water for crops, stock and people, maintaining water quality, providing habitat for commercial species and having cultural and recreational values. This edition of Wetlands Australiahighlights the management of wetlands as centres of productivity and the services and benefits they provide.

Fact sheets highlighting the importance of wetlands are also available.

Download individual chapters

Introduction (PDF – 94.87 KB)

Supporting sustainable livelihoods (PDF – 192.46 KB)

  • Guide to managing livestock grazing in Victoria’s wetlands
  • Advocacy in a time of adversity
  • Floodplain graziers are boosting production by restoring their wetlands

Creative partnerships (PDF – 677.3 KB)

  • Sea monkeys … just add water!
  • Banrock Station: Environmental water + wetlands + tourists + wine = economic return
  • Nyul Nyul Rangers manage wetlands and spring country through research and on-ground work
  • The cultural story of the Lake Wellington wetlands
  • Bridging the waters – South East wetland carers surge ahead

Green infrastructure (PDF – 419.43 KB)

  • Creating green assets – social, economic and ecological benefits of environmental watering
  • Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment and community benefits
  • Insights from the use of an online wetland management resource

Restoring ecosystems and habitats (PDF – 753.01 KB)

  • Wise use of Macquarie Marshes wetlands pays bird diversity and water quality dividends
  • Restoring a Ramsar Wetland: Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park
  • Frogs and the health of their wetlands: the ACT Bio-Indicator Project
  • Restoring Australia’s Great Southern Seascapes
  • Benefiting wetlands with existing infrastructure
  • Golden perch spawn in record numbers in response to managed environmental flows

Previous editions of Wetlands Australia are also available at: Wetlands publications – newsletters

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