Wetlands and People Plan

Sandra Hails, CEPA Working Group Chair

The Wetlands and People Plan for the Peel-Yalgorup System is Australia’s first CEPA action Plan for a Ramsar Site. Published in 2017, the plan has been developed through the collaborative work of a large group of interested people, with representatives from the local community members including the local indigenous community, from government and education sectors, and from people with experience in marketing and planning. The plan takes into account an already existing management plan for the Ramsar Site and is targeted at people who use the wetlands, those with businesses that benefit from the wetlands, and those whose decisions affect the wetlands. Concisely written, well-illustrated, and focussed on achieving greater collaboration across the diverse stakeholders, this is a useful document for those with an interest in CEPA management planning.

To see the publication, click the photo:
Wetland and people


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