Wader Quest Wader Conservation World Watch

wader questWader Conservation World Watch

A celebration of wader conservation and conservationists

November 7th – 8th 2015wader quest 1

World Watch is an opportunity for birders across the world to show their solidarity with, and appreciation of wader and shorebird conservationists over a weekend in November.

All you have to do is go out on either or both of the days on the weekend and see as many species of wader as you can then let us know what you have seen and where. We will add your sightings to the species list and your name to the list of participants.

2014 saw the first of these events and we were thrilled to have so many participants with at least one from each of the nine flyways; between us we clocked up 118 species of wader. For a full list of species and participants visit the World Watch page on the website.

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We now intend to make this an annual event that will occur in November of each year to coincide with Wader Quest’s anniversary. We hope that people will organise their own events in their local area to celebrate the work being done by so many researchers and volunteers around the world to further the conservation of the world’s waders.

Waders face an ever increasing number of challenges in whatever habitat they happen to live and in order for us to be able to help them we have first to understand the problems fully so that the situation can be adequately managed. That is why the researchers and volunteers around the world are so vital to these birds’ survival and why we think that it is important to recognise the work these dedicated people are doing on our behalf to understand and protect these amazing birds.

Note: There is no necessity to count the birds however if you are willing and able to do so we would encourage you to enter your lists on public databases such as eBird and BirdTrack.

To see the final update for Wader Conservation World Watch 2015, click here

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