Wader Quest the newsletter (January 2018)

Wader Quest the newsletter is the main publication of Wader Quest, which is a charity that aims to involve local groups and communities in Wader conservation.

The latest issue of January 2018 has recently been published. Below are some relevant news to EAAF and examples of conservation activities among the full of interesting stories:

  • WCWW5 – November 3rd and 4th 2018 (p. 2)
  • Positive News From China (p. 3)
  • Site fidelity, migration, movement and habitat preference of Latham’s Snipe: the story so far (p. 12)

Many articles and events about waders and other positive actions are in this edition including that China banned land reclamation which will definitely bring a positive effect on  the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats.

Wader Quest the newsletter (January 2018)

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