Visiting a local wetland park: Sorea Wetland Ecological Park (29 Aug)

On 29th Aug 2018, before the summer went away, staff members in EAAFP Secretariat visited the Sorae Wetland Ecological Park to learn more about the local wetland centre. There were two main purpose to visit the centre. Firstly, the secretariat needed to know more about the management of the centre and park. When the Secretariat understands more about the centre, the Secretariat would be able to give the local parks more appropriate help later. Secondly, staff members would like to find out the local birds and different habitats, since most of staff members are quite new in Incheon, RO Korea.


Two eco-guides and a centre manager helped the members of the Secretariat to learn about the history and status of the park. According to them, Sorae park has 12 families of waterbirds, 20 families of the mountain birds.


The wetlands at Sorae has both brackish water and freshwater habitat such as mudflat, ponds and even a small salt farm that is now used for educational purposes.

All these features at Sorea provides the park with good habitat for waterbirds and other wildife. The Secretariat looks forward to working with Sorae park in future.

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