The third tagged Spoonie CT is off!

14 November 2016
Rebecca LeeSaving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper

A satellite fix has just come in showing that the third tagged Spoon-billed Sandpiper has made a move away from the Jiangsu coast!

CT, presumed to be male, has been at the Tiaozini mudflats on the Jiangsu coast since he was tagged in early October. His female counterparts made their moves away from the staging site weeks ago with HU moving south within days of being tagged and ET heading off two weeks later on 23 October. CT has taken his time, perhaps waiting to finish his annual moult of flight feathers, but now he’s made a definitive move south with the latest fix coming from just off the coast of Fujian province near the Guangdong border, over 1000 km from Tiaozini.

The big question of course is where is he going? Will he stop in Guangdong with HU? Will he continue to the Bay of Mottama in Myanmar to join ET? Maybe another familiar wintering site in Thailand or Bangladesh? Or will he lead us somewhere new, to an as yet unknown wintering site?

Check back regularly to see his progress.

Good luck CT!

CT on his way south, 13 November at 10.27 UTC. (Map data ©OpenStreetMap)


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For more information on Spoon-billed Sandpiper, visit  the EAAFP SBS Task Force page.

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