The second “Birds and Schools” in EAAF brings primary school students from Incheon and Hong Kong together

The second “Birds and Schools” event was held on 30th June, 2023, 30 primary school students from Incheon, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong, China, participated. The event was co-organized by Black-faced Spoonbill Eco Centre in Incheon and Hong Kong Wetland Park and the EAAFP Secretariat. The event is part of the CEPA programme under the Incheon-Hong Kong Sister Site Programme.

The event was kicked off by a warm-up activity led by Vivian Fu, Senior Communication Officer of EAAFP Secretariat and an introduction about EAAFP. The Korean students taught students in Hong Kong the pronunciation of Black-faced Spoonbill in Korean, and vice versa. After that, Ms. Catherine Lam from Hong Kong Wetland Park introduced the “Hong Kong Wetland Park School Partnership Programme” which the students joined, and Ms. Mi-eun Kim from Black-faced Spoonbill Eco Centre introduced the organization, with moderation by Communication Assistant, Andy Lee.

Primary school students from Incheon participated in the event © EAAFP Secretariat

The main session of the event was the presentations by students who came from 6 primary schools: Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School, Christian Pui Yan Primary School and YLPMS Alumni Association Tang Ying Yip Primary School from Hong Kong; Incheon Eunsong Elementary School, Incheon Dongmak Elementary School and Black-faced Spoonbill Eco Center Youth & Family Club from Incheon. The students introduced Black-faced Spoonbill along with other bird species found in the wetlands to each other, and shared the activities they carried out at the wetlands and what they learned and felt after the activities.

Presentations by students from Hong Kong © Hong Kong Wetland Park


Presentations by students from Incheon © EAAFP Secretariat

After the presentations, Ejin Kim, Communication Assistant of EAAFP Secretariat led an interactive True-or-False game for students to show their understanding of what they learned from the presentations. The students enjoyed the game. The event concluded with certificates presented to the students who participated and made the presentations.

An interactive True-or-False game © EAAFP Secretariat

Incheon students listening to the presentation from Hong Kong © EAAFP Secretariat

Student participants receiving the certificates © Hong Kong Wetland Park

Student participants receiving the certificates © EAAFP Secretariat

“Birds and Schools” was initiated from the Wetland Link International (WLI), in which both Hong Kong Wetland Park and EAAFP are members of WLI – Asia – Oceania. Learn more:


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