The Flyway’s CEPA Strategy and Action Plan

CEPA Working Group

Students giving a presentation © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP

Some of you who have worked closely over many years with the flyway will know that a first CEPA Strategy was adopted in 2012. During 2017 this was replaced with a CEPA Strategy and Action Plan.

  • What’s new about this document?

A first obvious difference – it’s much longer since we have identified specific actions for the various implementers.

  • Is it a more user-friendly document?

We think so especially since we have also included a simple colour coding system so that implementers can easily ‘find themselves’ in the plan.

With this system, all implementers – whether Government people at national or local levels, INGOs/NGOs, Site Managers and Visitor Centre Managers, Scientists, or people working for inter-governmental organisations etc. – can easily find their CEPA tasks to help in delivering CEPA actions. In turn this will contribute to the delivery of Objective 2 of the EAAFP’s Implementation Strategy. We hope all implementers will take some time to review this CEPA Strategy and Action Plan.

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