The 100th EAAF Network Site designated in Republic of Korea

Geum River Estuary, located on the western coast of the Republic of Korea, was designated as the 100th Flyway Network Site on 1 December 2010. The site meets Network criteria for Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard), Sibirionetta formosa (Baikal Teal), Anser albifrons (Greater White-fronted Goose) and Anser fabalis serrirostris (Tundra Bean Goose). In winter it regularly accommodates more than 200,000 Baikal Teal which constitutes above 40% of the whole population and so it is one of the species’ most important non-breeding sites. It is jointly managed by Gunsan City and Seocheon County. A Certificate of Participation was presented to Seocheon County in December 2010 and a presentation to Gunsan City will be made in the near future. A Google Earth link to the site is accessible on the Partnership website at this link.

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