• EAAFP’s Positive Experience at IUCN Leaders Forum 2023

    © Kyle Esperanza Zuleta In a vibrant display of global collaboration, the EAAFP Secretariat was an active participant in the IUCN Leaders Forum 2023 hosted in Geneva, Switzerland on October 13. This Forum, which followed the success of the 2022 edition in Jeju Island, showcased the interconnectedness of climate and nature crises and the potential for transformative change. The EAAFP team, led by Ms. Jennifer George (CE) and Ms. Kyle Esperanza Zuleta (PO), actively engaged in discussions on KMGBF implementation and the importance of measurable targets. Noteworthy discussions focused on the urgency of updating legal frameworks, establishing measurable targets, and embracing transformative changes in consumption patterns and economies. Here, the financing of nature took center stage, underscoring collective efforts to bridge funding gaps in biodiversity initiatives. Speakers emphasized the economic viability of environmental protection, the need to simplify business practices, and the positive impact of inclusive and transparent approaches. © Kyle Esperanza Zuleta Inclusivity emerged as a guiding principle. A significant highlight was the emphasis on the pivotal roles of indigenous peoples, women, and youth in conservation efforts. The Forum championed the idea of compassionate-focused conservation, advocating for leadership roles and collaborative actions among these groups. The recommendations stemming from the Forum also align with EAAFP's commitment to global biodiversity goals. Its call for mindful integration of indigenous peoples and youth reflects a shared vision for inclusive conservation practices. Overall, the encouragement to explore partnerships and stay informed on sustainable financing mechanisms positions EAAFP strategically in the evolving landscape of conservation initiatives. © Kyle Esperanza Zuleta There was also a parallel meeting with the Secretariat of the Convention of Wetlands, which revealed collaborative opportunities, particularly in streamlining FNS and Ramsar site designations. The emphasis on exploring notification systems, securing funding for integration, and collaborating with regional organizations signifies a collective commitment to effective conservation. As the EAAFP looks ahead, the optimism gleaned from these engagements is palpable. The strategic alignment with global biodiversity goals, exploration of partnerships, and staying informed on emerging trends provide a solid foundation for the EAAFP's continued contributions to biodiversity and climate commitments. At the end of the day, the collaborative spirit witnessed at the Forum serves as a catalyst for EAAFP's ongoing efforts, reinforcing the importance of collective action in navigating the complex terrain of global conservation.

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