• Aceh Bird Club Celebrates World Migratory Bird Day 2023 with Engaging Activities to Keep Water from Plastic Waste in Indonesia

    The Aceh Bird Club, in collaboration with the Biology Education Student Association (HIMABIO) at Syiah Kuala University, Ache, Indonesia, recently organized a remarkable series of events to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day 2023. The week-long event, held from 14th to 21st May 2023, aimed to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, migratory birds, and their habitats. With the active participation of students, university students, environmentalists, communities, lecturers, and several related agencies, the event was a resounding success. © Aceh Bird Club The festivities commenced with three engaging competitions: a short video competition, a photography competition, and an essay-writing competition. Open to participants of all ages, these competitions served as platforms to educate the younger generation about the detrimental impact of microplastics on water and its consequences for both humans and migratory birds. The competitions were conducted online, allowing contestants to submit their entries through an online form provided by the committee. A total of 30 contestants participated, showcasing their talent and commitment to environmental conservation. © Aceh Bird Club The winners of the photography competition captured stunning images that conveyed the theme, "Save Water for the Future of Migratory Birds and Humans." Muhammad Al Fatih from UNS clinched the 1st position with his captivating photograph titled "Milik Bersama" (Shared Ownership). Hudzaifah Fahroni from UNJ secured the 2nd position with his compelling image titled "Pengunjung tetap teluk Jakarta" (Visitors of Jakarta Bay), while Haris Akbar Hidayat from IPB won the 3rd position with his evocative photograph titled "Berbagi Ruang" (Sharing Space). Click [here] to see the winning photos! © Aceh Bird Club In the short video competition, Muslim, Gansar, and M. Akbar, all from Syiah Kuala University, emerged as the top three winners. Their videos conveyed powerful messages about the importance of protecting water for migratory birds and the future of humanity. Click [here] to see the winning short videos! © Aceh Bird Club Furthermore, the essay writing competition challenged students to think critically and propose innovative ideas on the topic "Utilization of Technology for Monitoring Waste and Microplastics." Imam Safir Alwan Nurza from UNJ won the 1st position with his essay titled "Decase U-Bot", followed by I Made Egga Adika Saputra from Denpasar in 2nd place and Presty Wulandari from Gorontalo State University in 3rd place. Click [here] to see the winning essays! © Aceh Bird Club The pinnacle of the event was the campaign held at the Peulanggahan village hall in Banda Aceh on 20th May 2023. The campaign featured two expert presenters, Fitrah Asma Ulhusna and Heri Tarmizi, who enlightened the 50 participants about the types and dangers of microplastics to both residents and migratory birds. The event also included interactive sessions, distribution of educational materials, souvenirs, and prizes to recognize outstanding participants. The event concluded with a cleanup activity along the river in the Lampulo area of Banda Aceh on 21st May. Attended by 70 participants, including students, university students, environmentalists, and the local community, this initiative aimed to create awareness about waste disposal and environmental preservation. The activity received extensive media coverage and inspired individuals to protect the environment and dispose of waste responsibly. © Aceh Bird Club © Aceh Bird Club The Aceh Bird Club's celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 2023 successfully fostered environmental consciousness among participants of all ages. By combining competitions, campaigns, and community engagement, the event highlighted the significance of preserving our ecosystems for the benefit of migratory birds and humanity. © Aceh Bird Club The project was funded through the 2023 EAAFP WMBD Small Grant Fund. View the report, Click here. View the event photos on the Flickr Album [here]. Article prepared by Aceh Bird Club        

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