Your time and talents enable us to save the migratory waterbirds and their homes!

Volunteer with the EAAFP Secretariat for the conservation of the endangered migratory waterbirds and their habitats!


We are looking for

General individuals and groups of people who wish to volunteer for biodiversity conservation.


Areas of Volunteering activities

We provide five areas of volunteering activities.

Visual Aid

Content Writer


        • Filming
        • Video Editing
        • Photography
        • EAAFP Visual designing
        • EAAFP Web Card News



        • Articles for EAAFP
        • EAAFP Educational and Promotional materials




      • EAAFP Meeting Of Partners (MOP) Key Documents
      • EAAFP e-newsletters and articles
      • Conference, Public Lecture materials
      • Public Awareness Raising Publications
      • EAAFP Partners' national webpage
      • EAAFP Information/ World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) Video


*The following languages would be added values to the Secretariat:

        • Japanese
        • Khmer
        • Malay
        • Russian
        • Thai
        • Vietnamese








Science Support

Onsite Conservation Activities

          • Literature review
          • Scientific information check
          • Species/sites data collection
          • Database management



        • Local and global events facilitation
        • Birdwatching tour guide
        • Monitoring of birds and habitats
        • On-site clean up activity
        • Administration support


Skill-sets we look for

Note: These skill-sets are not required for your application but may add values to the volunteering activities.

  • Proficiency in English and other EAAFP Partners language skills (e.g. Korean, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian or Malay)
    For details:
  • Filming and visual editing skills (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)
  • Decent writing skills
  • Conservation mind


What is different? Intern vs Volunteer

                • University students and/or graduates
                • Fixed-term (6 months)
                • Do overall tasks of the Secretariat
                • Work in the office


                • Anyone who is willing to participate in the conservation activities
                • Short - Long Term (Flexible)
                • Specific assignments may be given
                • Voluntary times and positions are subject to change
                • Workplace is flexible


Benefits for Volunteer

  • EAAFP Volunteer Certificate
  • Networking opportunity with various types of international organizations
  • An invitation to selected local EAAFP events
  • Access to information, advice, and expertise on biodiversity conservation
  • The opportunity to bring substantive contribution to the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats by your action






Q1 Is there an age limit for volunteering?   Q2 How long should I commit to the volunteer activities?    Q3 Do I have training prior to the volunteer activities?
A1 There is no age limitation for volunteering.



A2 It depends on the types of work you will take for volunteering. Each type of volunteering opportunity requires a different level of time commitment.  The time needed for translation work would be different than the time required for the one-day event.


A3 We don’t request or offer formal training prior to the volunteering activities but the team in charge of the volunteering activities may provide you with orientation if needed.





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