Spike participates in the final meeting of the China Coastal Blueprint project



Spike Millington, Chief Executive of the EAAFP, participated in the final meeting of the China Coastal Blueprint project, a cooperative endeavor between the Chinese State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the US-based Paulson Institute. Mr. Yan Xun, EAAFP Focal Point and Chair spoke at the meeting, emphasizing the role of EAAFP. Following the presentations of findings and recommendations by EAAFP Technical Focal Point, Professor Lei Guangchun, Spike delivered a presentation that highlighted the challenges of turning the recommendations into specific site-based action plans, with an emphasis on Bohai Bay and the southern Jiangsu coast, as well as some immediate implementable actions such as invasive Spartina control, halting illegal trapping and promoting sustainable shellfisheries. Spike also made a closing speech encouraging greater public participation and partnerships for migratory waterbird conservation in China, and beyond.



While in Beijing, Spike also met with IUCN China on follow-up to Resolution 28 from the World Conservation Congress, UNDP China on the status of a GEF Flyways project and the Ministry of Environmental Protection on CBD linkages and future cooperation.



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