‘Shorebird of the Year’ 2015 poll opens

Source by World Shorebirds Day


Red Knot © Wicha Narungsri

The new poll for selecting the ‘Shorebird of the Year’ for 2015/16 have been opened. Let’s hear your voice and affect which species will be getting more exposure and support for next year. This is not just a question or a game. You affect which project will be donated through our fundraising efforts. Sharing always helps!

Find out more in the relevant blog post and the poll itself at https://worldshorebirdsday.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/shorebirds-of-the-year-2015-poll-opens/

Some rules:

  • The ‘Shorebird of the Year’ to be announced each year on the World Shorebirds Day.
  • A ‘winner’ species cannot be selected again within the next 6 years, starting from the year it was selected.
  • Fundraising efforts to be focused on the shorebird of the year in the actual year.
  • The next poll opens on 6 September and closes on 1 August in the following year.
  • A species gets the ‘Shorebird of the Year’ title starting on 6 September and ends at midnight 5 September in the following year.

Shorebird of the Year 2014 is the Spoon-billed Sandpiper (Eurynorhynchus pygmeus)

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