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Pernollet, C. A., D. Simpson, M. Gauthier-Clerc, and M. Guillemain. 2015. Rice and duck, a good combination? Identifying the incentives and triggers for joint rice farming and wild duck conservation. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 214:118–132.

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Nguyen, T. H., V. T. Than, H. D. Thanh, V. Q. Nguyen, K. H. Nguyen, D. T. Nguyen, J.-H. Park, I. S. Chung, D. G. Jeong, K.-T. Chang, T. K. Oh, and W. Kim. 2015. The evolutionary dynamics of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 in south-central Vietnam reveals multiple clades evolving from Chinese and Cambodian viruses. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 42:21–30.

Tian, K., G. Liu, D. Xiao, J. Sun, M. Lu, Y. Huang, and P. Lin. 2015. Ecological Effects of Dam Impoundment on Closed and Half-Closed Wetlands in China. Wetlands 35:889–898.

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Barry, T., and C. Price. 2015. Arctic biodiversity: from science to policy. J Environ Stud Sci 5:283–287.

Wojczulanis-Jakuba, K., A. Kilikowska, J. Fort, M. Gavrilo, D. Jakubas, and V. L. Friesen. 2015. No evidence of divergence at neutral genetic markers between the two morphologically different subspecies of the most numerous Arctic seabird. Ibis 157:787–797.

Jang, J.-D., S.-G. Chun, K.-C. Kim, K.-Y. Jeong, D.-K. Kim, J. Y. Kim, G.-J. Joo, and K.-S. Jeong. 2015. Long-term adaptations of a migratory bird (Little Tern Sternula albifrons) to quasi-natural flooding disturbance. Ecological Informatics 29:166–173.

Gaston, A. J., Y. Hashimoto, and L. K. Wilson. 2015. First evidence of east-west migration across the North Pacific in a marine bird. Ibis 157:877–882.

Petersen, M. R., G. V. Byrd, S. A. Sonsthagen, and M. G. Sexson. 2015. Re-colonization by common eiders Somateria mollissima in the Aleutian Archipelago following removal of introduced arctic foxes Vulpes lagopus. Journal of Avian Biology 46:538–549.

Tirtaningtyas, F. N., and J. C. Hennicke. 2015. Threats to the critically endangered Christmas Island Frigatebird Fregata andrewsi in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia, and implications for reconsidering conservation priorities. Marine Ornithology 43:137-140.

McCallum, H. M., K. J. Park, M. G. O’Brien, A. Gimona, L. Poggio, and J. D. Wilson. 2015. Soil pH and organic matter content add explanatory power to Northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus distribution models and suggest soil amendment as a conservation measure on upland farmland. Ibis 157:677-687.

Lourenço, P. M., J. A. Alves, T. Catry, and J. P. Granadeiro. 2015. Foraging ecology of sanderlings Calidris alba wintering in estuarine and non-estuarine intertidal areas. Journal of Sea Research 104:33–40.

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McGowan, C. P. 2015. Comparing models of Red Knot population dynamics. Condor 117:494-502.

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Masden, E. A., and A. S. C. P. Cook. 2016. Avian collision risk models for wind energy impact assessments. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 56:43–49.

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