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Wlodarczyk, R., and P. Minias. 2016. Non-adaptive territory selection by a bird with exceptionally long parental care. PeerJ 4:e1852.

Zhang, Y., H. H. T. Prins, L. Cao, M. Zhao, and W. F. de Boer. 2016. Variation in Elevation and Sward Height Facilitate Coexistence of Goose Species through Allometric Responses in Wetlands. Waterbirds 39:34-44.

Tang, X., H. Li, X. Xu, G. Yang, G. Liu, X. Li, and D. Chen. 2016. Changing land use and its impact on the habitat suitability for wintering Anseriformes in China’s Poyang Lake region. Science of the Total Environment 557-558:296–306.

Bocharnikov, V. N., Y. N. Gluschenko, D. V. Korobov, and I. N. Korobova. 2015. Materials for the Study of the Spring Migration of Waterfowl (Anseriformes, Aves) on the Lake Khanka. Achievements in the Life Sciences 9:87–94.

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, J. L. TeSlaa, S. W. Nashold, T. Donnelly, J. Bahl, and J. S. Hall. 2016. Evidence for common ancestry among viruses isolated from wild birds in Beringia and highly pathogenic intercontinental reassortant H5N1 and H5N2 influenza A viruses. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 40:176–185.

Prosser, D. J., E. C. Palm, J. Y. Takekawa, D. Zhao, X. Xiao, P. Li, Y. Liu, and S. H. Newman. 2016. Movement analysis of free-grazing domestic ducks in Poyang Lake, China: a disease connection. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 30:869-880.

Watson, J. E. M., E. S. Darling, O. Venter, M. Maron, J. Walston, H. P. Possingham, N. Dudley, M. Hockings, M. Barnes, and T. M. Brooks. 2016. Bolder science needed now for protected areas. Conservation Biology 30:243–248.

Klimaszyk, P., and P. Rzymski. 2016. The complexity of ecological impacts induced by great cormorants. Hydrobiologia 771:13–30.

Stillman, R. A., K. A. Wood, and J. D. Goss-Custard. 2016. Deriving simple predictions from complex models to support environmental decision-making. Ecological Modelling 326:134–141.

Li, S., B. Cui, T. Xie, and K. Zhang. 2016. Diversity Pattern of Macrobenthos Associated with Different Stages of Wetland Restoration in the Yellow River Delta. Wetlands 36:S57–S67.

Sesser, K. A., M. E. Reiter, D. A. Skalos, K. M. Strum, and C. M. Hickey. 2016. Waterbird response to management practices in rice fields intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biological Conservation 197:69–79.

Ward, D. H., J. Helmericks, J. W. Hupp, L. McManus, M. Budde, D. C. Douglas, and K. D. Tape. 2016. Multi-decadal trends in spring arrival of avian migrants to the central Arctic coast of Alaska: effects of environmental and ecological factors. Journal of Avian Biology 47:197–207.

Vagasi, C., P. L. Pap, O. Vincze, G. Osvath, J. Erritzøe, and A. P. Møller. 2016. Morphological Adaptations to Migration in Birds. Evolutionary Biology 43:48–59.

Thaxter, C. B., V. H. Ross-Smith, J. A. Clark, N. A. Clark, G. J. Conway, E. A. Masden, H. M. Wade, E. H. K. Leat, S. C. Gear, M. Marsh, C. Booth, R. W. Furness, S. C. Votier, and N. H. K. Burton. 2016. Contrasting effects of GPS device and harness attachment on adult survival of Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus and Great Skuas Stercorarius skua. Ibis 158:279–290.

Lewis M (2016) AEWA at Twenty: An Appraisal of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement and Its Unique Place in International Environmental Law. Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy 19 (1):22-61.

Lescroël, A., R. Mathevet, C. Péron, M. Authier, P. Provost, A. Takahashi, and D. Grémillet. 2016. Seeing the ocean through the eyes of seabirds: A new path for marine conservation? Marine Policy 68:212–220.

Koloski, L., S. Coulson, and E. Nol. 2016. Sex Determination in Breeding Dunlin (Calidris alpina hudsonia). Waterbirds 39:27-33.

Ryan, L. J., J. A. Green, and S. G. Dodd. 2016. Weather conditions and conspecific density influence survival of overwintering Dunlin Calidris alpine in North Wales. Bird Study 63:1–9.

Pandiyan, J., and S. Asokan. 2016. Habitat use pattern of tidal mud and sand flats by shorebirds (Charadriiformes) wintering in southern India. Journal of Coastal Conservation 20:1–11.

Catry, T., P. M. Lourenço, R. J. Lopes, C. Carneiro, J. A. Alves, J. Costa, H. Rguibi-Idrissi, S. Bearhop, T. Piersma, and J. P. Granadeiro. 2016. Structure and functioning of intertidal food webs along an avian flyway: a comparative approach using stable isotopes. Functional Ecology 30:468–478.

Gutiérrez, J. S., and T. Piersma. 2016. Ecological context determines the choice between prey of different salinities. Behavioral Ecology 27:530–537.

Catry, T., P. M. Lourenço, R. J. Lopes, P. Bocher, C. Carneiro, J. A. Alves, P. Delaporte, S. Bearhop, T. Piersma, and J. P. Granadeiro. 2016. Use of stable isotope fingerprints to assign wintering origin and trace shorebird movements along the East Atlantic Flyway. Basic and Applied Ecology 17:177–187.

Fu, Q., N. Wang, M. Shen, N. Song, and H. Yan. 2016. A study of the site selection of a civil airport based on the risk of bird strikes: The case of Dalian, China. Journal of Air Transport Management 54:17-30.

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Sabatier, R., D. Durant, S. Ferchichi, K. Haranne, F. Léger, and M. Tichit. 2015. Effect of cattle trampling on ground nesting birds on pastures: an experiment with artificial nests. European Journal of Ecology 1:5-11.

Harebottle, D. M., and L. G. Underhill. 2015. Assessing the value of wetlands to waterbirds: exploring a population-based index at flyway and regional levels. Ostrich 87:7-21.


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