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Guan, L., J. Lei, A. Zuo, H. Zhang, G. Lei, and L. Wen. 2016. Optimizing the timing of water level recession for conservation of wintering geese in Dongting Lake, China. Ecological Engineering 88:90–98.

Flint, P. L., J. M. Pearce, C. Franson, and D. V. Derksen. 2015. Wild bird surveillance for highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 in North America. Virology Journal 12:151.

Palomo, I., C. Montes, B. Martín-López, J. A. González, M. García-Llorente, P. Alcorlo, and M. R. García Mora. 2014. Incorporating the Social–Ecological Approach in Protected Areas in the Anthropocene. BioScience 64:181–191.

Zhang, D., L. Zhou, and Y. Song. 2015. Effect of water level fluctuations on temporal?spatial patterns of foraging activities by the wintering Hooded Crane (Grus monachal). Avian Research 6:16.

Kim, S.-K., S.-R. Park, H.-C. Sung, and Y.-S. Choi. 2010. Development and Application Effects of Education Program on Biodiversity with Endangered Oriental White Stork Reintroduction Program on Elementary and Middle School Girl Students. The Environmental Education 23:82-96.

Öst, M., S. Ramula, A. Linden, P. Karell, and M. Kilpi. 2016. Small-scale spatial and temporal variation in the demographic processes underlying the large-scale decline of eiders in the Baltic Sea. Population Ecology 58:121–133.

Conklin, J. R., J. Reneerkens, Y. I. Verkuil, P. S. Tomkovich, P. J. Palsbøll, and T. Piersma. 2016. Low genetic differentiation between Greenlandic and Siberian Sanderling populations implies a different phylogeographic history than found in Red Knots. Journal of Ornithology 157:325–332.

Chan, Y.-C., M. Brugge, T. L. Tibbitts, A. Dekinga, R. R. Porter, R. H. G. Klaassen, and T. Piersma. 2016. Testing an attachment method for solar-powered tracking devices on a long-distance migrating shorebird. Journal of Ornithology 157:277–287.

Kim, W. Y., E. H. Lim, D.-P. Lee, and H.-C. Sung. 2015. Behavior of Migrant Kentish Plovers (Charadrius alexandrines) in the Ramsar Wetland of Yubu Island. The Korean Journal of Ornithology 22:55-65.

Yang, H.-Y., B. Chen, T. Piersma, Z. Zhang, and C. Ding. 2016. Molluscs of an intertidal soft-sediment area in China: Does overfishing explain a high density but low diversity community that benefits staging shorebirds? Journal of Sea Research 109:20–28.

Meissner, W. 2015. Male-Biased Sex-Ratio of Dunlins Calidris alpine in the Gulf Of Gda?sk (Southern Baltic) During Autumn Migration. Ardeola 62:335-342.

Kim, S.-H., M.-Y. Park, H.-J. Kim, J.-Y. Shin, K.-Y. Ko, D.-G. Kim, M.-K. Kim, H.-G. Kang, B.-J. So, and S.-W. Park. 2016. Analysis of Insecticides in Dead Wild Birds in Korea from 2010 to 2013. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 96:25–30.

Fort, J., D. Gre?millet, G. Traisnel, F. Ame?lineau, and P. Bustamante. 2016. Does temporal variation of mercury levels in Arctic seabirds reflect changes in global environmental contamination, or a modification of Arctic marine food web functioning? Environmental Pollution 211:382-388.

Arcilla, N., C.-Y. Choi, K. Ozaki, and C. A. Lepczyk. 2015. Invasive species and Pacific island bird conservation: a selective review of recent research featuring case studies of Swinhoe’s storm petrel and the Okinawa and Guam rail. Journal of Ornithology 156:S199–S207.

Lehikoinen, A., J. Rintala, E. Lammi, and H. Pöysä. 2016. Habitat-specific population trajectories in boreal waterbirds: alarming trends and bioindicators for wetlands. Animal Conservation 19:88–95.

Guan, L., Y. Jia, N. Saintilan, Y. Wang, G. Liu, G. Lei, and L. Wen. 2016. Causality between abundance and diversity is weak for wintering migratory waterbirds. Freshwater Biology 61:206–218.

Elphick, C. S. 2015. A history of ecological studies of birds in rice fields. Journal of Ornithology 156:S239–S245.


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