Partnership support to training for shorebird research

Over three weeks in February-March 2011, two personnel of the Thailand Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation received technical training with support from the Flyway Partnership. Sunate Karapan and Thiti Sonsa participated in the North-West Australia Wader and Tern Expedition at Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach, which are internationally important sites for migratory waterbirds. This annual expedition, typically with international participants, was coordinated by the Australasian Wader Studies Group and trainees experienced cannon-netting, recording of bio-data and fitting of leg flags and geolocators. Sunate and Thiti were reassured about the efficiency and safety of procedures they have been using for similar research in Thailand and also learnt new techniques. The training was made possible by a small grant from EAAFP using a contribution to Partnership activities in 2010 by the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea.

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