New Secretariat arrangements and call for Chair nominations: The Chairman of the East Asian-Australasian Partnership, on behalf of the Partners, accepted a generous offer by the Republic of Korea to take over the hosting of the Partnership Secretariat from the interim Secretariat in Australia

In order to effect a smooth transition of the Secretariat from Australia to the Republic of Korea a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to be developed by the Partnership Management Committee and endorsed by all Partners by about mid March 2009. This is to enable the Republic of Korea sufficient time to appoint an Executive Secretary and other necessary staff prior to 1 July 2009, the proposed date at which the new Secretariat will be fully effective.

The current Chairman has called nominations for a new Chair and Vice Chair of the Partnership in line with an agreement at the third Meeting of Partners in November 2008. Nominations should be sent to Vicki Cronan – [email protected] – by 13 February, so that the new Chairs can be preferably appointed by the time the Secretariat MOU is agreed.

Letter from EAAF Chair

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