New Engraved Legflags from Jiangsu

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Green/Blue flag combination has been used in Jiangsu coast, China, since 2015. Sightings so far have included Red-necked Stint in Thailand, Myanmar and Australia, Great Knotin Indiaand Australia,Lesser Sand Ploverin Australia, Terek Sandpiper in Australiaand Peninsular Malaysia,Bar-tailed GodwitinAustralia, Curlew Sandpiper inAustralia, Ruddy Turnstonein Australia, Kentish Plover in Taiwan and Sanderling in Bali.

This autumn, Professor CHANG Qing of Nanjing Normal University, together with a team of overseas researchers, banded over 1,770 waders in Rudong and Dongtai area, Jiangsu, China. Over 650 of 24 wader species were fitted with engraved legflags (green plain flag over blue flag with white engraving). Among them were 4 Spoon-billed Sandpipers (carrying yellow engraved flag). It is hoped that more information can be gained from resighting of these individuals.

Please report all flag sightings to the EAAF Flag Sighting Coordinator ([email protected]) and through your national banding office as well as directly to Prof Chang ([email protected])

Professor CHANG Qing, College of Life Sciences, Xian Lin Campus, Nanjing Normal University, 1 Wenyuan Road, Yadong District, Nanjing 210046, China

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江苏沿海鸻鹬类环志启用编码旗标– 上绿下蓝


今年秋季,南京师范大学的常青教授团队连同国外的鸻鹬类专家,在如东和东台环志了超过1,770只鸻鹬类,其中为逾650只(24个物种) 带上编码旗标(上绿色旗标没字,下蓝色旗标带白色的编码), 其中包括4只勺嘴鹬(黄色编码旗)。希望透过野外观察识别个体,能获取更多迁徙相关的数据。

如发现江苏上绿下蓝旗标的鸻鹬类,请联系常青教授[email protected][email protected] 或到 《水鸟环志回报站》回报。

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