EAAFP welcomes new Communication Officer: Wen Qing Ng

© Wen Qing Ng

The East-Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership welcomes a dynamic addition as Wen Qing Ng joins the Secretariat as the Communication Officer, infusing a new dimension into the arena. With a profound interest in wildlife conservation and biosecurity projects, her unique perspective and diverse background spanning over a decade promise to breathe fresh energy into the field.

Originating from Malaysia, Wen Qing brings a unique perspective shaped by the rich cultural diversity of her homeland. Her firsthand understanding of the challenges involved in fostering environmental responsibility within varied populations has ignited her passion for effective communication. This journey led her to pursue a postgraduate degree in Science Communication at the New Zealand's University of Otago. Here, she cultivated skills in multimedia storytelling, skillfully blending the realms of art and science. Her proactive involvement in an international research unit further underscored her ability to communicate complex concepts through a variety of media.

© Wen Qing Ng

A notable highlight in Wen Qing's career is the creation of the documentary "Kauri K9s." This compelling production sheds light on training sniffer dogs to combat kauri dieback, a critical threat to New Zealand's conifer species. The success of this endeavor showcases her prowess in weaving scientific information with engaging narratives drawn from local communities.

However, Wen Qing's communication prowess extend beyond the surface. She recognizes that effective communication involves not only aesthetics but also addressing the fundamental "why" and reaching the right audience. Her experiences collaborating with avian experts and enthusiasts within international organizations during her undergraduate years have honed her strategic communication skills, setting her apart as a versatile communicator.

Amid the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Wen Qing's adeptness in planning and execution shone brightly. By the close of 2022, she successfully completed her Master of Science Communication, specializing in Science and Natural History Filmmaking, demonstrating her resilience and commitment to her pursuits.

In her role as Communications Officer, Wen Qing is poised to champion the causes of biodiversity and community well-being through innovative communication strategies. Her vision extends beyond mere metrics, understanding that true impact is measured by tangible progress. With her on board, the science communication landscape gains a dedicated advocate for wildlife conservation and biosecurity, with a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking. As we extend our warmest welcome to Wen Qing Ng, we eagerly anticipate the positive influence she will bring to our shared endeavors.

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