National Environmental Science Programme Marine Biodiversity Hub – Underpinning the repair of Australia’s saltmarshes


Dr Mark Carey, Australian Department of the Environment

Saltmarshes and other coastal tidal wetlands – the continuum between the ocean, mangroves and our freshwater resources ­ –  are often forgotten. In developed areas much is lost or isolated as wastelands and their values are not always appreciated. Under the Marine Biodiversity Hub a functional approach is being taken, looking at this entire seascape and benefits to marine productivity and biodiversity. The Phase I report details the current extent of these seascapes, what has been lost, and their role in net primary productivity. The use of simple concepts and indices to represent benefits is essential if we are to foster public understanding and gain investment to repair these key elements of our land-marine interface. Phase 2 of this project is focused on valuing the role of seascapes in supporting readily understood elements of productivity: prawns and fish. Case studies are covering tropical, subtropical and temperate environments.

See or download the Phase 1 Report for more information.

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