MOP9 Interactive Sessions

Sandra Hails, CEPA Working Group Chair

Two interactive sessions were held at MOP 9 involving almost all participants. The sessions were designed to collect views about the Flyway and the Partnership that will help inform the development of the next Strategic Plan for the Flyway but also to help participants appreciate their common aims and at the same time understand their diversity in specific goals, skills, capacities, and work environments.

The first session looked at a vision for the Flyway 10-15 years from now with participants working within their implementer groups (Government, INGO, Scientist, IGO, or Secretariat). Four small groups each produced a drawing of what the Partnership or the Flyway would look like. The remaining seven groups described what the EAAFP would look like after 10 years of successfully implementing a new vision and strategic plan.

We are on the airship EAAF © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP

Shorebirds are always in the middle of all the beautiful connections and collaborations. © Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary

There should be one more island here… © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP

The second session, with participants in mixed implementer groups, required participants to identify areas of their work for the Partnership that are recognised as important for implementation but are not being delivered for a variety of reasons.

Both sessions were interactive with participants recording responses to specific questions individually and then coming together as a group to share responses and produce a flip chart with their collective conclusions. These were shared with the other groups in a final plenary session. Results are currently being analysed and a report will be made available in due course.

How do we overcome if we don’t have a budget? © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP

Please speak slowly! English is not our mother tongue! © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP

The importance of Russia-China cooperation © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP


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