MOP11 concluded with stronger commitment in collaboration for conserving migratory waterbirds in East Asian-Australasian Flyway

The EAAFP 11th Meeting of Partners (MOP11) held in Brisbane, Australia, on 17 March, 2023 ended with the adoption of 11 Decisions, the election and appointment of new Management Committee, and the announcement of EAAFP as official partner to World Migratory Bird Day.

After 4 days of intensive discussion, the closing day of EAAFP concluded with the adoption of 11 Decisions. These include the (highlighted DD to be named: new CEPA Action Plan 2023 – 2028, new Guidelines for National, Site and Sister Site Partnerships, Maintaining up-to-date Population Estimates and Trends of Migratory Waterbird Populations for the EAAFP, Youth mainstreaming, and more, which will guide Partners, Site managers, collaborators and other stakeholders to take concrete actions for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and wetlands in East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF).

During the plenary, a special presentation was given by Her Excellency, Clare Fearnley, former New Zealand Ambassador to China in a recorded message. She shared the launch of ‘Friends of the Flyway’ which she initiated, to celebrate the migratory birds of the EAAF, bringing together ambassadors and senior diplomats. Mr. Suh Sheung-Oh, Director of the Ramsar Regional Centre – East Asia, shared the recently combined Wetland Link International – Asia-Oceania, which is a network of wetland education centres and site managers.

H.E. Clare Fearnley, former New Zealand Ambassador to China delivered recorded message ©EAAFP Secretariat

Mr. Suh Sheung-Oh, Director of RRC-EA, shared Wetland Link International – Asia-Oceania ©EAAFP Secretariat

Youth representative, Hou Shuyu, winner of the Youth Think Tank Competition from China and Lena Van Swinderen from Australia presented a vision from the youth perspective for how they could be engaged in EAAFP, as well we the youth Declaration of 2020 Flyway Youth Forum was presented at the plenary. It is followed by presentations by Sponsors to the MOP11 – Ms. Alison Russell-French and Birgita Hansen on behalf of the Australasian Wader Study Group and Ms. May-Le Ng for Faunatech.

After that, the plenary session continued with discussion on the election and appointment of the Management Committee, Technical SubCommittee and Finance Subcommittee. Australia became the Chair and Cambodia as the Vice Chair of the Management Committee.

The highlight towards the end of the MOP11 was an announcement of EAAFP as the Official Partner of World Migratory Bird Day, an annual global campaign to raise awareness of migratory birds. Recorded video messages from Amy Fraenkel, Executive Secretary of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species, Dr. Jacques Trouvilliez, AEWA's Executive Secretary and Dr. Susan Bonfield, Executive Director of Environment for the Americas were delivered to convey the celebratory messages to welcome EAAFP as the new Partner to the World Migratory Bird Day, followed by a speech from Mr. Robb Kaler, Chair of EAAFP to announce the official Partnership (link).

Closing remarks by Dr. Ilse Kiessling, Assistant Secretary, Protected Species and Communities Branch, Biodiversity Conservation Division, DCCEEW ©EAAFP Secretariat

Closing remarks by Mr. Robb Kaler, Chair of EAAFP©EAAFP Secretariat

Closing remarks by Mr. Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of EAAFP Secretariat ©EAAFP Secretariat

At the closing ceremony, Mr. Robb Kaler, Chair of EAAFP commented“As you all know, the Partners adopted a 10-year Strategic Plan at MOP10 to guide our Partners. A plan is just a document if there is no implementation, but today we are fortunate to see many Partners and stakeholders are all paying efforts towards the same goal: To conserve migratory waterbirds, their habitats, and the livelihoods of people who depend on them.”

Mr. Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of EAAFP said “It has been fantastic to meet with the Partners again. I hope the meeting has reinvigorated us to work smarter for the conservation of internationally important wetlands and the migratory waterbirds they support.”

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