Monitoring of waterbird populations and sites Task Force

In order to plan and implement conservation activities for waterbirds across the Flyway, current assessments of the condition of habitat are needed. At their recent 4th Meeting, the Partners established a task force to develop monitoring appropriate to meet this need.

An early step will be to conduct a technical workshop to develop a Decision Support Tool that would enhance national and Flyway-wide monitoring of waterbirds and their habitats. Importantly, this initiative aims not to necessarily create new monitoring but certainly to link/integrate existing work such as national monitoring programs, the Important Bird Areas project, the Shorebirds 2020 program, the MYSMA (Monitoring Yellow Sea Migrants in Australia) Program and the Monitoring Sites 1000 Program in Japan. This should bring about more efficient use of resources and sharing of data and information. Updates on the task force’s achievements will be uploaded on this web page in the near future.

Task Force Chair

Doug Watkins
Wetlands International Partnership Representative
Tel: +61 2 6100 3933
E-mail: [email protected]