A video ‘Migratory Birds and Wetlands of Baengnyeong Island’ released by Green Korea Incheon

On 7th July, Green Korea Incheon, one of EAAFP Foundation’s 2020 Small Grant Fund grantee organization released a video ‘Migratory Birds and Wetlands of Baengnyeong Island’. The video is a part of their 2020 small grant project activities on promoting migratory birds and wetlands of Baengnyeong Island, Republic of Korea. The 2020 EAAFP Foundation Small Grant was sponsored by KOEN Yeongheung Power Division.

The video was created in order to promote the ecological importance of the island as a stopover for various migratory bird species. It will be used to raise awareness among the local community and as an educational material for the citizens and students in Baengnyeong Island. The video features diverse migratory bird species visiting Baengnyeong Island, and why the island is such a significant place for the survivor of the migratory birds. It also explains the ongoing effort to strengthen international partnership to protect the East Asian and Australasian Flyway and the migratory birds along the Flyway.

In the video, Ms. Vivian Fu, Communication Officer of EAAFP Secretariat provided brief information about the EAA Flyway and the importance of Korean peninsula including Baengnyeong Island. She explained the geographical condition of Baengnyeong Island which contains abundant biological diversity and habitats such as reservoirs, wetlands, and sea. In response to a question ‘What could the visitors do to co-exist with birds and protect them?’ she mentioned “for visitors who visit Baengnyeong Island, remember you are not the only visitors. If these birds can feed well and stay well, and they have a safe journey reaching through the destination, that means other people in other countries can also see these birds.”

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