The launch of the Incheon Red-crowned Cranes Network, based on the scientific evidence provided by civil monitoring (RO Korea)

Group photo of Incheon Red-crowned Cranes Network © Incheonilbo

The Incheon Red-crowned Crane Network, which aims to conserve Red-crowned Crane, a “messenger of peace” and a “symbol bird of Incheon,” has started full-fledged action in Ganghwa County in Incheon, RO Korea, since 22nd January, 2022. More than 70 participants, attended its launching event, including chairs and members from 14 organizations such as Incheon Council for Sustainable Development, the Incheon Environment Bureau of Incheon Metropolitan City, and the EAAFP Secretariat.

The member organizations of the network declared to (1) conserve the habitats of Red-crowned Cranes in Incheon to support their wintering; (2) conduct various activities to inform and protect Red-crowned Cranes to Incheon citizens; (3) strengthen cooperation for Red-crowned Cranes’ habitats in and out of RO Korea.

This network has been established with the efforts of civil societies in Incheon, such as the citizen monitoring on Red-Crowned Crane in 2018. Mr. Hyung-rae Roh, Head of the Global Eco Tour Research Institute, explained the history of the action during the progress report. “For the launching ceremony of the network on 22 January 2022, we have been preparing this for 9 months. It’s all started from the citizen monitoring on Red-crowned Cranes in 2018.”

Furthermore, there was a technical workshop before the ceremony. Dr. Kisup Lee from Waterbird Network Korea presented the status of wintering site and the feature of Red-crowned Cranes in Ganghwa. Dr. In-ki Kwon from the National Institute of Ecology explained the national research project plan related to Red-crowned Crane. Dr. Hyun-ah Choi from Hanns Seidel Foundation presented the inhabitance of Red-crowned Crane in DPR Korea. Mr. Soon-rea Kim, from the Ecological Conservation committee of the Ganghwa Citizen Network, explained the status and protection activities for Red-crowned Cranes in Incheon.

The Incheon Red-crowned Crane Network consists of 14 organizations: Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Council for Sustainable Development, Catholic Environmental Network, Ganghwa Citizen Network, Ganghwa Bird, Global Eco Tourism Institute, East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership Secretariat (EAAFP Secretariat), SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp, Eco Edu Irang, Eco-Education Cooperative Mool-sae-al, Ingeo, Green Korea Incheon, Korean Federation for Environmental Movements of Incheon, Incheon Environmental Education center.

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