Knots Drawing Competition 2017

2017 Knots Drawing CompetitionThe 2017 Knots Drawing Competition celebrates the life of Knots to raise awareness of Red Knots and Great Knots. The theme is “The Future of the Knots,” to inspire viewers about Knots and their life, their future with people, and call for conservation of the Knots.

There were 94 entries in the competition and 15 artworks were chosen for awards. The artworks will be included in the EAAFP 2018 Year of the Knot calendar.

Flyway Prize (Age, Area)

Great Knot Prize (Age, Area)

Red Knot Prize (Age, Area)

Miranda Prize (Age, Area)

CEPA Prize (Age, Area)

The campaign was sponsored by Kowa Optical Products Co.,Ltd., Patagonia Korea, Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre, David and Lynne Lawrie. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the participants, sponsors, selection committee, and those who supported this competition.

Kowa Optical Products Co.,Ltd.

Patagonia Korea

Miranda Naturalists’ Trust, Miranda Shorebird Centre

David and Lynne Lawrie

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