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Conservation of the migratory waterbirds and their habitats is a matter for everyone. Contribute your time and talents can help EAAFP save the migratory waterbirds and their homes along the East Asian – Australasian Flyway! You can now engage with our work as the new EAAFP Volunteer Program has been launched.

The EAAFP Secretariat provides four areas of volunteering activities. These activities are:

  1. Translation

EAAFP consists of 37 Partners including 18 national Partners [see the Partner countries]. In order to let more local people to understand the importance of conservation of wetlands and migratory waterbirds, translation is one of key tasks we need the assistance. The EAAFP produces various documents including the EAAFP Meeting of Partners (MOP) key documents, e-Newsletters, articles, materials of international conference and public lecture, publications for the public awareness, and national pages for the EAAFP Partners. That’s not all. There are visual materials such as World Migratory Bird Day educational materials. Do you speak any languages of 18 country Partners? Please share your talents for conservation of migratory waterbirds!

  1. Visual Aid

EAAFP has several social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to reach out the general public for sharing the events, news, and various interesting facts about EAAFP and the Partners. Thus, visual products through social media is one of the essential tasks of EAAFP. You can share your talents for the visual aids in filming, Video editing, photography, EAAFP Visual design, and develop EAAFP promotional materials.

  1. Content Writer for EAAFP

EAAFP produces articles about research, awareness raising materials, events, news, and information on the EAAFP Secretariat and the Partners. Also, EAAFP produces the educational and promotional materials to raise the public’s awareness and interest in the migratory waterbirds and wetlands. Be the content writer for EAAFP and show your wonderful skills in writing!

  1. On-site conservation

Conservation measures need to take place at site level. One of the important tasks of EAAFP is the on-site conservation. On-site conservation activities that you can help with are: Local and global event facilitation, birdwatching tour guide, monitoring of birds and habitats, wetland clean up activity, and administration support.


By launching the volunteer program, the EAAFP Secretariat look forward to working with many talented volunteers around the world who can bring various background. Moreover, the new EAAFP volunteer page will provide a variety of opportunities for the general public who are willing to participate in the conservation works and projects of EAAFP by contributing their precious time and talents.

What is more, there are several benefits of the participation in the EAAFP Volunteer program:

  • EAAFP Volunteer certificate
  • Networking opportunities with various types of international organizations
  • An invitation to selected local EAAFP events
  • Access to information, advice, and expertise on biodiversity conservation through the activities.

Do you want to contribute your time when you are available? By indicating your preferences of your time availability in the online application form, you can participate in the volunteering activities anywhere anytime except the on-site conservation activities.

Click [here] to join the Volunteer Program with EAAFP!


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