EAAFP welcomes Ms. Jennifer George as New Chief Executive

The East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Jennifer George from New Zealand, as its new Chief Executive of the Secretariat, effective on 20th June 2023. With a distinguished career in various sectors, and being a lawyer in practice, Ms. George brings a wealth of experience and a passion for driving positive change to her role in leading the EAAFP’s mission of conserving migratory waterbirds and their habitats along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

Her recent remarkable contributions extend to her role as an EAAFP consultant for developing the recently adopted MOP11 Decision Papers namely “Guidelines for EAAFP National and Site Partnerships” and  “’ Guidelines for the EAAFP Sister Site Program”. Many of you might have discussed with her during the consultation period of the Guidelines and met her at MOP11 this March, in Brisbane, Australia. Her expertise and collaboration with the EAAFP Secretariat and Partners have resulted in driving momentum to the development of the partnership. She is also an active member of the EAAFP Partner, Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists Trust, where her interest and passion for conserving migratory waterbirds has built up.

Ms. George has an extensive background as a performance-driven professional that spans government, law, education, business development, and the non-profit sector. She worked in the Secretariat of the Climate Change Chief Executives Board of the Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand, to provide advice on best practice governance, and lessons learned from similar arrangements, mentor analysts, and improve governance systems and processes.

She has years of experience in governance and served in the governmental sector for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Ministry of Justice, Wellington City Council, New Zealand. Her roles ranged from analyst and project manager to convenor of an expert panel. As a governance consultant, Jennifer has been instrumental in developing best-practice governance frameworks for Crown Entity and local governments, ensuring compliance with legislative requirements, and fostering efficient processes. Her research and advocacy have resulted in policy changes at the governmental level.

She also has 10 years of teaching experience in a secondary school and had been served as Head of Department, as well as a board member to Central Regional Health School, where she proved her skills in education and management. In addition, her role as Development Director of Henwood Trust with Māori (New Zealand’s indigenous people) communities demonstrated her leadership in developing and cultivating strategic relationships with indigenous people and diverse stakeholders to bring positive changes.

Her track record of success in facilitating transformational outcomes for organizations and communities showcases her exceptional leadership skills and her ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders, including government officials, academics, professionals, Indigenous communities, philanthropy, and NGOs. These diverse cross-sector skill sets would equip her well to lead EAAFP to implement the Strategic Plan and CEPA Action Plan for the next years.

We are thrilled as Ms. Jennifer George takes the helm as the Chief Executive of the EAAFP Secretariat. Please join us to welcome her to the Secretariat.



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