International Workshop on Intertidal Wetlands and Management in the Yellow Sea Provinces of China

The extent of intertidal wetlands in the Yellow Sea region has dramatically decreased over the past two decades, precipitating widespread declines in a number of migratory shorebird species that depend on these areas as critical stopover and staging sites during migration along the East Asian – Australasian Flyway. At the 2012 World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea, IUCN Resolution 28 proposed a series of actions to alleviate this impending ecological crisis. One of these actions was to hold national workshops in each Yellow Sea country to bring together relevant national stakeholders to seek solutions to this threat.
The International Workshop on Intertidal Wetland and Management in the Yellow Sea Provinces of China, held in Beijing, China on 16-17 September, was a response to this call. 162 attendees representing local, national and international levels, NGOs, academies and media got together to raise awareness of the threats and to discuss measures to address the situation in the coastal zone of China, particularly in the Yellow Sea. Also it provided examples of international best practice in coastal management and sustainable development and a forum for discussion on how these could be relevant to the Chinese Yellow Sea coast and most importantly to propose recommendations for new ways forward.
Mr. Spike Millington, Chief Executive of EAAFP Secretariat, took part in the workshop and made a presentation on EAAFP and the status of migratory waterbirds, and the importance of Yellow Sea for the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. Many of EAAFP Partners including Chair Mr. Yan Xun and Technical Focal Point for China, Prof. Lei Guangchun, attended the meeting and strengthened EAAFP’s National Partnership in China.
A declaration was developed outlining six priority actions for implementation in China, including the protection of key sites.

1. Declaration of International Workshop on Intertidal Wetland Conservation and Management in the Yellow Sea Provinces of China 
2. Programme 

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