International Workshop on Conservation of Cranes

During 28 May to 3 June, an international workshop on conservation of cranes was held at Muraviovka Park, Amur region, in the Russian Far East. It was organised by the International Crane Foundation and Muraviovka Park for Sustainable Land Use (a private venture), in cooperation with the Wetlands International – IUCN Crane Specialist Group and the Amur Regional Government. The meeting enabled sharing of experience from 13 countries (33 participants) across all continents in which cranes occur, especially in relation to interactions of cranes and agriculture (including issues of artificial feeding) and impacts of water supply and climate change on crane survival. Through workshop sessions the participants established outlines and work-plans for production of publications on these broad topics. Discussion on strategic directions for the Specialist Group was also conducted and participants gained firsthand experience of the Park’s floodplain wetlands, nesting cranes and storks, and present management issues typical of such habitats in the Amur region. Public ceremonies at the Park and in Blagoveshchensk city drew attention to management of the Park and cranes/waterbirds generally, with encouraging indications of government and community support.

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