International Internships in Conservation at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in the US

Four-month International Internships in raptor conservation science consist of exposure to and training in all aspects of Hawk mountain Sanctuary conservation, including science, education, and conservation focused on migratory raptors, environmental survey and monitoring, data management, land management, ecotourism, membership programs and fundraising, and the use of volunteer resources. Interns work shoulder-to-shoulder with professional mentors, and each intern completes a collaborative project while at the Sanctuary.

International interns receive free housing at the Sanctuary’s Acopian Center for Conservation Learning and a monthly stipend of $600. These internships are offered in Autumn (5 August – 5 December) and Spring (5 March – 5 July) only. Open to undergraduate and graduate students, college graduates, and others interested in careers in raptor conservation. Applicants must speak English, have at least two years of college course work, and exhibit a willingness and ability to interact with the public. The Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Internships in Conservation Science Application Form can be downloaded from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association website.

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