Linking environmental educators from Hong Kong and Incheon for conservation of migratory waterbirds

Group Photo of Training Workshop Participants ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Environmental education is key to conservation efforts. Exchanging knowledge and skills along the migratory routes of waterbirds is especially essential. Therefore, on the 20th – 21st August 2022, WWF-Hong Kong and local NGO Black-faced Spoonbill & Friends (BFS & Friends) from Incheon, with support from EAAFP Secretariat, led an Environmental Education Training Workshop at the Black-faced Spoonbill (BFS) Eco Center in Incheon, Republic of Korea. The 2-day bilingual workshop was one of the activities under the Incheon-Hong Kong Sister Site agreement. Targeted at environmental educators in RO Korea, especially in the Incheon area, to the workshop also explored usage and collaboration for the recently revised BFS Lolo Flying Journey Education Package.  Over 20 local educators joined the workshop.

After the welcoming speech by Mr. Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of EAAFP Secretariat, opening remarks from Dr. Lee Kisup, Chair of the Black-faced Spoonbill Working Group, Ms. Nam Sun Jeong from Black-faced Spoonbill & Friends and Mr. Sung Hyeon Park, Manager of the Natural Environment Team / Environment & Climate Policy Division of the Incheon City Government, the training workshop began on the 20th with a people bingo game lead by WWF Hong Kong. The game allowed participants to learn more about each other.

The first day of the workshop focused on sharing the situation of environmental education in Hong Kong and RoKorea. From Incheon, Ms. Sun Jeong Nam presented on the Environmental education situation in RoKorea. She shared that the revised law on environmental education by the Ministry of Environment will advance the mainstreaming of environmental education at all schools in RO Korea. With a possible increase in demand for Environmental Education in the foreseeable future, the EE training workshop helped build capacity for local educators in Incheon.

Opening remarks from Mr. Sung Hyeon Park ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Presentation by Ms. Mimi Wong ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Following it, Ms. Kitty Tang, Assistant Education Manager of WWF Hong Kong gave a presentation on the concept of Environmental Education, Education for Sustainable Development in Hong Kong and around the globe, and the local Environmental education activities by WWF Hong Kong. Ms. Vivian Fu, Communication Officer of the EAAFP Secretariat, also gave a more global perspective for Education in CEPA to conservation, with example from the EAAF Flyway.

In the afternoon, Ms. Mi Eun Kim, the Secretary-general of BFS & Friends and Ms. Mimi Wong from WWF-Hong Kong gave presentations on local environmental education activities by BFS & Friends and other NGOs in Incheon, and by WWF-Hong Kong respectively. As the Black-faced Spoonbill is the flagship species for the collaboration, the afternoon session also focused on learning about the species when at its breeding site (Incheon) and wintering site (Hong Kong).

Ms. Sun Jeong Nam giving a presentation about EE in RO Korea ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Participants doing EE game about sustainability ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Participants also actively participated in environmental education games (led by WWF-Hong Kong) and interactive group discussions in the morning and afternoon to share their expectations for the workshop or possible ways to further encourage or expand EE implementation in RO Korea through a modified SWOT Analysis exercise. Day 1 ended with a volunteer sharing session, where participants from within and outside Incheon shared their works and further socialized amongst themselves.

Participants began Day 2 of the workshop with a warmup game outdoors called the “Flyway Game,” which was about habitat loss, and inspired from the classical game “musical chair”. After the game, the programme focused on the BFS “Lolo Flying Journey” Education Package, starting with a demonstration of the “Lolo Flying Journey” game.

Mimi Wong from WWF-HK introducing “Lolo’s Flying Journey” ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Participants discussing on ways of better implementing EE in RO Korea ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Following the demonstration presentation on how to use the BFS Lolo game, Kitty guided participants through the basic concept of designing an environmental education programme. Then participants broke out into smaller groups to discuss how they could modify or use the game for the rest of the morning. The groups discussed creating an environmental education programme or activity, with elements form the BFS Lolo game, that could be implemented in RO Korea. After lunch, each group presented their EE programmes demonstrating core parts and others gave feedback on the various EE programs the different teams created. The training workshop concluded with a certificate awarding ceremony for the participants and speakers.

Display of EE materials during the workshop ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

Participants presenting and demonstrating their EE Programmes ©️ EAAFP Secretariat

This Workshop was organized under the Incheon-Hong Kong Sister Site Programme and showcased how Flyway Network sites in the flyway can bond. With hopes that this workshop will act as the beginning for a network of environmental educators in the region and expand the sharing of ideas and experiences, the Secretariat will also continue the efforts in CEPA activities around the flyway to strengthen conservation actions at different levels.

As we always say, migratory birds do not have borders. Like the BFS out on the reservoir, the Secretariat hopes the educational work and collaboration for the conservation of migratory birds in the EAA Flyway will become borderless as well.

Ms. Sun Jeong Nam receiving her appreciation certificate ©️ EAAFP Secretariat


Download the “Lolo’s Flying Journey” game here: Eng/Chi/Kor

Photos of the workshop: Flickr

The Promotion of Event (English version)

The 2022 Incheon-Hong Kong Sister Site Environmental Education Workshop is inviting local NGOs, wetland centre staffs, and local teachers to join. The workshop aims to: 1) enhance knowledge on environmental education; 2) promote networking, as well as idea and experience exchange on CEPA between Hong Kong and Incheon, and beyond in Ro Korea; 3) Explore the use of the revised “Lolo Black-faced Spoonbill Flying Journey” education kit.

<Workshop Overview>

  • Date: 20 – 21 August, 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Venue: Namdong Black-faced Spoonbill Eco Center, Incheon, Ro Korea
  • Contents
  • Introduction on environmental education in Ro Korea and Hong Kong
  • Linkage of environmental education to conservation in East Asian-Australasian Flyway
  • Introduction, demonstration and exploration to the use of the “Lolo Flying Journey” Black-faced Spoonbill Migration Game Education Kit (Co-creation of the Lolo game) and other environmental education games
  • Discussion on local issues to enhance wetland education via wetland centres and collaboration
  • Quota: 25 people

Organizers: East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) Secretariat, WWF-Hong Kong, Black-faced Spoonbill and Friends

Sponsors: Incheon Metropolitan City, Ro Korea; East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) Secretariat

The Promotion of Event (Korean version)

지역 NGO, 습지 센터 관리자 및 지역 교사를 대상으로 2022 인천-홍콩 자매 서식지 환경교육 워크숍이 개최됩니다. 본 환경 교육 워크숍은 1) 환경 교육에 대한 인식 고취, 2) 네트워크 구축과 홍콩과 인천, 나아가 한국에서의 CEPA 교류와 아이디어 공유, 3) 개정된 “저어새 롤로의 하늘을 나는 여행” 교육용 보드게임 연구를 목표로 합니다.


<워크샵 개요>

  • 행사 날짜: 2022년 8월 20일 – 8월 21일
  • 장소: 남동 유수지 저어새 생태학습관(인천 남동구 고잔동 711-1)
  • 내용
  • 한국과 홍콩의 환경 교육 및 환경 보전에 대한 소개
  • 환경교육과 동아시아-대양주 철새이동경로의 환경 보전의 연관성
  • “저어새 롤로의 하늘을 나는 여행” 저어새 이주를 주제로 한 보드게임 사용법 소개, 시연 (롤로 게임의 공동 창작) 및 다른 환경 교육 게임 소개
  • 습지센터 및 협업을 통한 습지교육 강화를 위한 지역 현안 논의

주최: 동아시아-대양주 철새이동경로 파트너십 (EAAFP) 사무국, WWF 홍콩, 저어새와 친구들

후원: 인천광역시, 동아시아-대양주 철새이동경로 파트너십 (EAAFP) 사무국

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