Haesong high school students visit G-Tower

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Joohee Lee, EAAFP Intern

Haesong high school students visit G-Tower

14 October 2015, 50 of Haesong High School students visited G-Tower in Songdo, Incheon, Republic of Korea. This was part of a program to encourage their global view by learning about Incheon and the international organizations hosted here. Tomoko Ichikawa, Communication Officer, was invited to give a lecture on EAAFP’s role.  Tomoko started the presentation by introducing the journeys migratory waterbirds undertake each year and the crisis they are facing. She continued by explaining why we need to conserve birds and the need for international cooperation.

Even though migratory waterbirds can be found easily near Incheon, students were not very familiar with them. So, Tomoko presented examples and materials that can be found in students’ daily life to make the materials easy to absorb. Throughout the lecture, she encouraged students to find connections between themselves and migratory waterbirds. We hope it was helpful for their future career development as well as for their life.

Haesong high school students visit G-Tower

Students are examining an eraser that weights the same as a Spoon-billed Sandpiper. These tiny birds travel from the breeding-grounds in Siberia to non-breeding grounds in Thailand and Bangladesh.

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