Goodbye and Good luck to Ms. Yejin Jung, Administration and Finance Officer

Ms. Yejin Jung © EAAFP 

With mixed emotion, the Secretariat announced that Administration and Finance Officer, Ms. Yejin Jung, returned to work with the Incheon City Government, finishing her four-years secondment to the EAAFP Secretariat.

Yejin joined the Secretariat in 2017. Since then, she supported all the administration and financial issues for the Secretariat. She contributed enormously to improve the administrative systems within the Secretariat, supported a lot of activities of EAAFP behind the scene, from big events of EAAFP such as MOP 10 held in Hainan, China in 2018, renovation of the Secretariat office to organizing bank transfer. Yejin also helped to overcome all the challenges and took up a huge amount of work for the establishment of the EAAFP Foundation, despite the complication of the administrative process. Without Yejin’s hard work, the EAAFP Secretariat could not be operated smoothly.

Yejin took good care of everyone in the Secretariat, trying to help as much as possible whenever requested. Especially to foreign staff, Yejin was the first to greet them at the airport and made sure they adapt well to living in Ro Korea. Yejin is an observative person, for she could spot the needs in the office and take action. We always have fresh milk in the office’s fridge and paper in the copy machine.

Yejin will be deeply missed. On the other hand, we wish her all the best and success in her new position back to the Incheon City Government.

Sujung Joo © Sujung Joo

While Yejin left the EAAFP Secretariat, let us welcome Ms. Sujung Joo as the new Administration and Finance Officer, was is also seconded from the Incheon City Government. Sujung has a background in civil engineering, and worked at the Incheon City Government for one and a half years before joining EAAFP. The Secretariat is delighted to have Sujung joining the team.

Yejin at MOP10 © EAAFP 

Yejin at office © EAAFP 

Yejin with previous staff of EAAFP © EAAFP 

Yejin with the previous staff of EAAFP © EAAFP

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