Farewell to Programme Assistant, Jiyae Yim

In the words of Ms. Jiyae Yim

"I would say that the 11-months of internship in the EAAFP Secretariat have become a huge turning point in my life. Even though I had a concept of environment, I did not have a clear concept of biodiversity, especially I had no interest in migratory waterbirds. During my trip to New Zealand, I started recognizing biodiversity and it attracted me to apply for an internship in the EAAFP Secretariat.

As soon as I joined the team, the first task was to prepare the 10th Anniversary of the Secretariat in Incheon. I was bustling for the preparation for a month, and fortunately, we can nail down the event successfully. I appreciate the Partnership Chair’s mail to take care of our Family first at any time. I will bear it in mind in my career path. After this one month of hard training, I could adapt to the team’s atmosphere more easily which then made me extend 6 months further.

Celebration of EAAFP Secretariat 10th Anniversary © EAAFP

In my extension period, I managed to help to coordinate the 2019 Shinan International Symposium. At the Symposium, I could get an opportunity to observe closely how the Yellow Sea trilateral cooperation is organized and the Working Group proceeded its work plan. Other than this, particularly, the CMS COP 13 in India, it was the best place to see how my dream can be achieved. Watching the Plenary session which important negotiations between the Parties happened and the process toward the global post-2020 biodiversity framework has inspired me hugely. Recalling this experience, I wish to become a speaker of the Plenary in someday.


The lesson I got from the events and staff in the Secretariat, I should say thanks to everyone who have communicated with me. Personally, from Hyeseon my supervisor, I learnt how to approach strategically for the events and meetings. In terms of the task skill, I have earned the thoroughness from the staff and the Partners. Additionally, the efforts and passions made by the conservationists were truly amazed all the time. Not only the concept of biodiversity and the importance of the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats, but I have grown a lot as a person. Thanks for caring for me for 11 months.

Seosan Cheonsu Bay, RoK © EAAFP

Now, I determined to leave the Secretariat that I realized there is a limitation to absorb more at the level of my experience, even though there are many good opportunities given. I will explore and study more in other fields and broaden my world. I could not affirm whether I could come back to the Secretariat but I am sure I will return to the biodiversity area. The unforgettable memory that we went to birdwatching to Namdong reservoir first time, it was engraved in me clearly. I am sure that nature makes me feel alive which I haven’t felt before ever. I will miss it for sure and try to continue it. Please look forward to my sincere growth and keeping finger crossed."

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