Farewell to Programme Assistant, Jisoo Kim

In the words of Jisoo Kim

“It is unbelievable how time flew and is my time to say goodbye to EAAFP. The past 11 months journey in EAAFP Secretariat was quite intense with unexpected COVID-19 pandemic; however, it was impressive to see how the Secretariat and the Partners never stopped their aim for the conservation for migratory waterbirds and their habitats through various consistent occurring events. As a Programme Assistant, I was able to observe and experience closely how conservation field in the international organization linked people regardless of their nation, age limits and situations like COVID-19.

Participating as an event assistant for the Cheorwon Crane School © EAAFP

Within consideration of my education major from my supervisor, I was given diverse opportunities to explore the connection of education and the conservation field of the EAAF and its migratory waterbirds and habitats. I still remember my first business trip to one of Flyway Network Site – Cheorwon [EAAF027] to assist for the 2nd International Crane Camp held for three days on early February this year. With two experienced environmental educators from the United States, the students from Murovioka, Russia and Korea, gathered together to learn about the importance of protecting the crane and their breeding and wintering sites. Being involved at the camp as an assistant and working with students, it was pleasing to observe the environmental education for myself delving into the linkage of cranes and the two countries where the students came from.

After my internship extension, I was assigned to coordinate the 2020 Flyway Youth Forum as part of the core Organizing Team. As it was my first time coordinating an event, I struggled a bit; however, the struggle did not last long within our grateful Organizing Team of our EAAFP colleagues and members of Youth Engaged in Wetlands backing up each other, where I was able to realize the true meaning of ‘teamwork’. Flyway Youth Forum also gave me an opportunity to work with various motivating and inspirational organizers, advisors, speakers and trainers from diverse backgrounds. The moment of receiving acceptance letter (I drafted the invitation letters!) as Keynote Speakers from Dr. Jane Goodall and Ms. Martha Rojas Urrego (Secretary General of the Ramsar Secretariat) is unforgettable for my life.

Participating as a consecutive interpreter for speeches and presentations at Incheon-Hong Kong Black-faced Spoonbill Forum in Dec 2020  © EAAFP

To conclude, my internship period seemed quite long but short and there is no hesitation I have further advanced myself not only logistically but also internally in general, by building strong bonds with fabulous colleagues and supervisors and broadening my perspectives through diverse experiences of conservation. It allowed me to verify the underlying power of conservation, when people unite and collaborate for it.”

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