Farewell to Programme Assistant Danhak

WMBD Seminar preparation with previous interns

Written by Danhak Gu

What I learned during my internship at the EAAFP is that communication is important. Through working with people with different backgrounds I was able to learn how to communicate better with one another. For example, when one unexpected task was given to me, I spoke to Tomoko and talked about my thoughts and difficulties. The reason I could do so was that she was a great listener, encouraging and was showing respect to all staff members. I was given a very good advice, was able to become more positive and even got my work reallocated. It made me realize that showing respect and care is very important communication skill, and I was encouraged to be an encouraging person to our staff members and future interns.

Second of all, I was surprised to see the level of efforts that the EAAFP has made towards the conservation of Flyway sites in DPR Korea. During my internship period, the DPR Korea became the 36th Member to the Partnership. Followingly the office closely worked with other international and national organizations for cooperation. While supporting the office in organizing associated events such as a DPRK briefing session, I was really able to see the big picture of the EAAFP’s overall mission and realized that this can greatly contribute not only to conservation of migratory waterbirds and habitats, but also to promoting peace and even to unification of the two Koreas.

Last but not the least, I am very grateful and happy about the fact that I learned about our winged friends and their habitats. In addition to the daily office work, I had several chances to join birdwatching activities and conservation campaigns held in Incheon and Cheolwon[EAAFP027]. It allowed me to understand over watching many of migratory waterbirds such as Black-faced Spoonbill, and Cranes. I visited National Institute of Ecology in Seocheon, learning about our beautiful mother nature; and participate in conservation workshops, seeing great cooperation from all over the world.

Overall, I really learned and realized a lot during my 6-month internship. I do believe this opportunity of working as an intern of the EAAFP Secretariat was a great stepping stone as both personal development-wise and knowledge-wise.

Photo Credit to Eugene Cheah / EAAFP

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