Farewell to Programme Assistant, Da Jung (Michelle) Jung

In the words of Ms. Da Jung Jung

“EAAFP Secretariat provided me such an unforgettable memory and experience with real life lessons which are often hard to get as an intern. Interns at EAAFP Secretariat are given duties to be involved in tasks which allow interns to learn through on-hand projects and experiences.

As a non-environmental related major undergraduate student, I didn’t have any academic background or sophisticated knowledge about environment before I worked at EAAFP Secretariat. However, on top of personal growing interest in environment, I learned about migratory waterbirds, importance of protecting them and their habitats and various ways for migratory waterbirds and people to co-habitat.

As a Programme Assistant, I was also given the same grateful opportunity. Among many duties that I was responsible for, I would say that coordinating and executing an international symposium – Shinan International Symposium which was held for three days – was the main duty that I learned a lot of lessons from. By coordinating and managing detail logistics of the event from the start with the team, I learned the importance of teamwork, which I realized it is essential in any work place. In addition, through the process, I learned how to manage on-going communication with people, which I personally considered as one of the hardest tasks for myself. Furthermore, I experienced the effects that events like Shinan Symposium could have on people and felt proud to be a part of the positive influence.

I also learned a lot from my colleagues. As the staff members in EAAFP Secretariat are from many different background and culture, their own experience and perspectives were reflected on their working styles and opinions. I really enjoyed the open atmosphere which welcomes everyone, including interns, to share their distinctive yet valuable opinions at the office.

Without any hesitation, I can gladly say that EAAFP Secretariat has a lot to offer to not only interns but to everyone. As mentioned above, with such an active involvement in the projects and everyone encouraging sharing my candid opinions, I definitely felt valued and learned real-life lessons at EAAFP Secretariat.”

Together with my supervisor, Hyeseon ©Haejin Park/EAAFP

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