Farewell to External Relations Assistant, Hayoung Son

In the words of Hayoung Son

“What could be a better place for an Environmental Change major to work than an international institute dedicated to the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitat? This was the first sentence in my application. Six months have passed, and EAAFP has fully equipped this Environmental Change major to start her career.

Working as an External Relations Assistant at EAAFP Secretariat allowed me to have on field experience and see what it means to work for biodiversity and habitat conservation. I learned what it means to have different organizations and countries come together for a common goal and had the honor to take part in the delicate work of engaging public and private sectors. From the very beginning of my internship, I was deeply engaged in [Bird-Meets-Arts], the collaborative project with Yeonsu Foundation for Arts and Culture (YSFAC). The six months project presents how different tools of arts and culture can be used to promote the importance of migratory waterbirds and their habitat. Another major task was assisting the launch of Corporate Champion Programme in Ulsan Metropolitan City. Setting the foundation of the new programme required lots of research on the region and global standard of ESG evaluation. This process widened my view on ESG and corporate engagement and helped me take another step in understanding the need of relationship building opportunities between different stakeholders.

Taking part in the Black-faced Spoonbill banding at the Namdong Reservoir was an unforgettable experience. Many people hear about the endangered bird, some gets to see them, but not everyone gets to smell them. I can now describe BFS using all my five senses, including the smell.

The six months at EAAFP Secretariat equipped me with skills and vision. Every lesson learned from the internship will be a strong tool to guide me through my future career. It was an honor to start my journey at a place with such enthusiasm and respect toward each other. It was a pleasure working with colleagues who are more than willing to listen to my ideas and concerns.”

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