Farewell to Communication Assistant, Sewon Lim

ⓒEAAFP Secretariat


In the words of Sewon Lim,

I am so sad that time flies so fast, and it is time to write the final internship report. EAAFP Secretariat is my first internship, outside of campus. I was nervous to meet new colleagues and to fit in new work field. Nevertheless, among the support and encouragement from colleagues, I can successfully finish my internship. I believe the internship at EAAFP Secretariat was a memorable period in my life with supportive colleagues and learning experiences.

As Communication Assistant, mostly I managed the social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote EAAFP Secretariat and Partners’ works. I also designed images for social media to attract audiences to reach our contents. The main project I was involved in was ‘World Migratory Bird Day’. I prepared the social media to promote the events and managed IT works during the online events Throughout learning experience as Communication Assistant, I was able to learn about CEPA to raise public awareness to let people know about conservation works.

In addition, as EAAFP Secretariat Intern, I was able to learn real-life experiences. I had an experience of on-campus internship before, but I was very nervous for the first time of out-campus. I didn’t even know the basic office work, with that over time, I believe I became a person who could deal with all works. This achievement could not be achieved with the support of colleagues. They explained everything step by step to me, who was the first time to do everything, and helped me mentally whenever I had a hard time. I truly appreciate all staff members I have worked with! Thank you for supporting me and it was an honor to work with all.

ⓒHyoin Kim

Supporting field visit of staff ⓒEAAFP Secretariat

Interpretation support at a meetingⓒEAAFP Secretariat

The biggest change after working at EAAFP Secretariat is my awareness of nature conservation. Honestly, I was not serious about conservation and the thing that I consider more was convenience. Therefore, I used a lot of disposable products and had no idea of the importance of preserving the environment. Although after I work at EAAFP Secretariat and know how hard the migratory waterbird survive throughout the world, I realized I should support them as one of the members in the environment. Keep this realization, I will not forget my experience and people at EAAFP Secretariat and become a person who helps the environment in the world.

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